Publicbuyandsell.com is one of the leading website for buying and selling every type of product. Publicbuyandsell.com is introduced by Aamer Habib Managing Director of Public Media Marketing Management, Registered in Dubai and Pakistan. Public Media and Marketing management is one of the leading Media and Marketing Company registered in Dubai with the name of Public Media Marketing Management. We are helping all traders in buying and selling their products. We help all customers and traders in buying and selling their requirements and needs. Public Buy Sell We are expert in
• Buying and selling businesses.
• Buying and selling property
• Buying and selling Clothes
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• Buying and selling Sports equipments
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• Buying and selling Toys and games
• Buying and selling Fashion Items
• Buying and Selling Jewellery and watches
• Buying and selling Collectibles and gifts
• Buying and selling all others items
• Buying and selling VIP Domains, Websites and Social Media Channels like YouTube, Face book.


Aamer Habib

Aamer Habib is the managing director of Public Media Marketing Management. He is the founder of Publicbuyandsell.com. He is also owner of many other companies registered in Dubai (UAE). We believe that we are expert in every type of advertising and marketing so we should help traders and customers with a different way. Marketing is our profession but now it is very difficult for everyone to pay for advertising and marketing services. So we don’t charge for our services we only charge after selling their products. So Our CEO message is for everyone. If anyone wants to buy or sell any product just contact us. We will help you with 100% result according to your desire.

Why Us

Here are the top reasons as to why you should choose to buy only our products:

• Lower costs – One of the biggest reasons why you should buy our products is that they are highly affordable with lower costs. So, if you want cheap products, you should choose our services.
• Quality Products – Although we offer cheap products to our customers, we never compromise on the quality of our products.
• Available 24/7: Unlike other retail stores, we are available 24/7 for you to buy our valuable products.
• Low Shipping costs – Another major benefit of buying our products is that we offer low shipping costs. We make sure that we put minimum financial pressure on you.
• Simplicity and Comfort –You can easily buy our products from the comfort of your couch.
• Special offers – We introduce special offers from time to time for special occasions, like Eid and Christmas.